The Heart of an INFJ


I wonder if other INFJS can relate, but people often find it hard to believe that I am a “feeler”.  Although it makes sense since our feeling function is secondary and extraverted, the 4 letters seem almost misleading as to our true nature, as I may seem like an extravert when I’m socializing, or that I’m a thinker based on my reactions.

I feel like my feelings are buried under multiple layers of cognitive functions, making it very hard to access in the moment.  When I’m in a situation, my empathetic tendencies take over and cause me to examine the atmospheric ambience first, empathizing through the other person’s perspective rather than just being in the present with my feelings.  There’s a constant inner struggle sorting out what actually belongs to me, it gets tiring sometimes.  It’s hard being a counselor to friends/family, because I am constantly putting on someone else’s…

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Bloggers, Let’s Support Each Other

I like this :), the idea of supporting each other and sharing recommended sites. I hope you add to the list too., I’d love to see who you all recommend… 🙂

The Daddy Blitz

I’m new to blogging, but I’ve been around long enough to realize the difficulty in getting seen and in sifting through the mass of Blogs for content matching a reader’s interests to the point of becoming a true Blog follower. So much of Blogging seems to be about the numbers–how many people are following you and whether you follow back.

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flowers & people

no rain checks


I believe there is no such thing as physically ugly people.
Acne, scars, wrinkles, sags-they are all a part of us.  Yes, they might not be necessarily “good”, but they are still a natural part of us.  These physical “imperfections” are inevitable, and we all will, at one point in our life, experience them.
And why are they even called imperfections?
It is natural to have under eye circles.  To develop wrinkles.  To have moles.  To have crooked teeth.  How is the way our human body functions considered “imperfect”?
And it is ridiculous for society to select one physicality, and define that alone as beautiful.  And declare that everybody should want to, and strive to, look like that.
Who would select one flower in a garden and call it the only beautiful flower?  And say that all other flowers are ugly?
All flowers are beautiful.  A tall sunflower, a barbed rose, or a tiny daisy.
No one size.  No one color.  No one shape.

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*Happy Dance*!

Just got news that this will be a weekend of peace and quiet again! Woohoo! No negativity in the house, again! I’m practically doing The Carlton ♡♡♡.


Tonight we go see live music at a local place and relax with some friends and beverages :).

Tomorrow I can’t wait to cook a pampering brunch and then maybe we’ll go to the lake if it stays this warm 🙂 (it’s 40 degrees in the midwest and it feels like a heat wave, lol).

Then Sunday I hope to get started on one of my projects. Yes, I’m doing the ‘Packing Party‘. 🙂 The project that Ryan and Josh of The Minimalists talk about.

I got my boxes awhile ago, along with labels etc. etc. I just couldn’t find the motivation the last month or so. Finally, I have a whole weekend to do this. I am stoked to get my areas of the house cleaned up, organized and boxed up.

I have found out this year already that I can live with even less ‘stuff’ and still be happy, so I’m going for it, full-force and going to see how much I can really “do without”.

I have to just get this last phase, going through some of the emotional/sentimental things… 😦 and then I think a weight will be lifted off my shoulders. ♡

So here’s to a relaxing, scrumptious and productive weekend.  There are some more things that happened this week that I am hoping I get time to write about too… I just want to say thank you for reading my little blog and that I hope something (no matter how small or big) good happens for you this weekend, something that sparks a little joy… ❤

Have a beautiful day/evening <3….

Dear Soul…


Waves, by artist Somoramos

Dear Sweet Soul,

I know it doesn’t feel like it now, but one day you will be grateful. God or the Divine being gave you strength to remove yourself from people who were not good for you. You needed it to happen.


After decades of “helping them in their time of need” (which turned out to be covering for their lies, betrayals and things downright unfathomable) you may also have to deal with the aftermath now.

People who are capable of cheating, stealing and the most immoral of human acts, will not usually go away easy. You know too much. You being free of their sharp talons and mind games makes them very nervous. What if you expose them for everything they really are so the world sees what they’ve done? They don’t like that possibility and will do what they think they must, for their version of “damage control”.

Be prepared to be discredited, gossiped about or worse. The guilty, the weak and the insecure are also the most cruel.

But you’ll be ok…

You see, you have something they never will. A good heart, from a good upbringing, the knowledge and wisdom they will never acquire. The knowledge that on your worst day, you would still never come close to their darkness.


You have light and love inside of you:  your mom’s quiet strength and resilience, and your dad’s wisdom and understanding.

Give yourself some time. You may have done kind deeds for unkind people, but their truths are between them and their God. I believe karma will visit them, if it doesn’t already, and remind them in a most poignant manner, what they’ve done and what they need to pay for. Karma’s got this 😊 💕.

Just focus on you. Be kind to youself, do not be hard on yourself for believing in the wrong people. Good souls often go through this.  From now on you’ll hear your gut instinct louder. You’ll be even stronger, wiser and more resilient.

You’ll feel like this again soon 💖…


I believe in you. You are loved. You will overcome anything and everything.  Please keep your strong and beautiful spirit alive. Believe in You and remember:  everything you need is already within you.






Easier Said, Than Done


I know Mr. Olsteen but it is not always easy to remember. 🙂 In daily happenings sometimes things go awry and sometimes they go absolutely wrong, as in “wtf just happened!?” kind of wrong.

I wish I could elaborate but I can’t. Suffice it to say, there are some people who need to say thank you to any and every higher power, that I do not have turrets.

If it can go wrong, it will. If someone says something, double and triple check because 99% of the time they are either wrong or missed something. This is my life. I should know by now that this is how it goes.

I feel like I’m stuck in one of the ‘Dumb and Dumber’ movies.

It will be ok. A year from now I won’t even remember this. I will not annoy myself any further by thinking about what could be done better. Remember the ‘How to Deal With Stupid’ post and switch back into that gear. Yes. Deep breath.

It will be ok.

(This was a pep talk :), to myself, and anyone who may need one lol…♡)

Thank you for listening to my random vent ♡.

Anger Management


This cute picture up above… This is how I usually deal with anger. I imagine a cute (but very sassy) image in my mind, happening to the other person.

As much as we try, we are all bound to run into someone who is going to annoy the bleep out of us, or make us so angry we could spit nails.

One thing I was taught from an extremely early age was that if you let the offender/betrayer/jerk or just plain a–hat truly get to you for too long…THEY HAVE WON. If you let them change the good parts of you (even if they are no longer around), they have won.

Its something I have always tried to remember in the most difficult of times. It usually worked as a good anchor for my heart and soul. 💖

There are days though, that ‘the bad’ get to me. I become disheartened and lose hope. I understand bitterness and anger more than most people realize, I just don’t want to live there.

When it comes to a screeching halt, when I’ve tolerated things to the point where I can’t tolerate them anymore, then I “slam the INFJ door” :), like that re-post I shared. It has to get really bad, and I mean really bad in order for me to do that, but once I have, there is nothing. Only a peaceful still and emptied out space for something better, healthier and ‘truly good’ to fill that space again, some day.

I’m not saying there isn’t work in letting go of the hurt or working through the anger, but it is worth it. And when you are done, often the only thing left is a funny picture in your head, like the one above, about how unimportant the individual who once hurt you, now is and how much stronger and more resilient you are…no matter what.

It takes time, but you get there. ❤️



Door Slamming

This isn’t just sort of true, it is spot-on accurate.


I’m sorry.  I know I’m condescending.  Sometime I feel like I’m pushed to be one; or transform to become this evil ugly green woman with hideously long stem nose in a large black pointy hat. Although I do enjoy being a WBitch once in a while. Not all the time.  (Though I don’t think I’d mind that either – Hahahaha).

But you know what?  I shouldn’t be sorry that I can be condescending because I was pushed into that zone. But I am sorry because I don’t know what you did that made me go into that direction to begin with.




You know what, you should be sorry for making me go through all these thoughts and shit and make me feel like crap.

You’re an ass.


{{{Door Slams}}}

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