The Counselor and/or Advocate


Lol and šŸ’–…

I was reading another blogger’s page and saw she mentioned the website with the 16 personalities test. I’ve taken that test numerous times because of work and because I love the psychology of it all.

I’m an INFJ, so this picture made me laugh big time. To a degree it is true. While we all have intuitive skills and can determine if someone is deceiving us, to an extent, I’ve been told and have noticed I tend to sense it a little earlier than some. This isn’t always a good thing so no bragging is included in here.

Sensing that some thing or some one may be hiding or deceiving can turn a once naive and trusting soul into a suspicious and jaded one instead. And that quite frankly sucks. It takes wisdom, faith and patience to find a healthy balance at times.

I think it’s good to know oneself. To truly understand your strengths and weaknesses (or rather ‘areas of development’), is actually to have the best tools – at your will :). And the areas of development can always evolve and improve. No matter which of the 16 personalities you are, you have that power within you and I just think that is the coolest thing ever when it comes to personal development.

I totally encourage you to do this. It’s interesting to see how accurate it is and either ponder it or share the results with someone you know too. And see theirs too.

Happy Sunday and I hope you are having a magnificent day ā˜€ļø šŸ˜Š


4 thoughts on “The Counselor and/or Advocate

  1. I believe that, as every intuition I have comes true, I am becoming more and more cynical and closed off to people. Although I’d like to believe that not everyone is “out to get me”, the opposite seems to be true. Being an INFJ can be emotionally taxing, especially when you see disaster coming before anyone else can.

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    • It certainly can be emotionally taxing! It is very difficult some days for me too. Today was actually one of them, lol and sigh… I feel like I’m always trying to find a healthy balance. One day I’ll have an epiphany that seems to have resolved a particular issue I was wrestling with, and the a month later I encounter something similar and it’s like it’s happening all over again.


      • I’m really sorry you’ve had a rough day. Finding balance is often an arduous process and unfortunately any event could disrupt the balance. I know when I feel like I’m finally getting things right and am finally in a good place emotionally, something happens that makes me feel as if I’m continuously falling and can’t find anything to grab on to. The world is mayhem for INFJs..

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