Some Assembly Required…

I would love to be able to say that I created my capsule wardrobe by scratch with no help other than a couple articles read here, or glancing at a couple Pinterest pictures, however, I cannot.

The truth is, a Very kind minimalist sent me her excel spreadsheet of an outline of how she organized hers. :).


I did read, a lot. I did go on Pinterest, even more. But for the main pieces of my capsule wardrobe, I needed Cliff’s Notes version, and fast 😊.  I was a classic case of ‘too many choices made it harder to decide’.

When she sent me the spreadsheet I was so excited because she had managed to put together a great set of guidelines and ideas.  I have to say the only reason I suddenly had ideas of “Oooh! I’ll just add accents of blues, reds and greens and then make it interchangeable by doing this, and that…” is because of the the guidelines and lists she gave me.

Thank goodness for the kindness of other people, is all I have to say! From there I figured out my style/s I was going to go with, more interchangeable colors, and then the accessories (which is really where Pinterest helped and got me super-creative).

I highly recommend asking others who are on this journey too, no matter what the question or what stage of your life you’re in, even if it seems like it’s the smallest thing. The advice I’ve seen shared is pretty awesome.

Well, it’s been a long Monday for me, so I’m turning out the lights.

Have a nice morning/day/evening wherever you are…


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