A Day at The Beach

As anticipated, my time with my relatives was amazing. I’d show pictures but we are laughing so hard in most of them we look silly :). ❀️

They were just as I remembered them; loving, kind, funny and respectful. They made us laugh, we had our serious moments, and we got to know another member of the family, which just felt like we were welcoming an old friend.

We went to dinner, then to the beach and then out for ice cream. I was in seventh heaven watching them lightly poke fun of each other and laughing till our stomachs hurt, or show concern and help each other, or talk and laugh with a bunch of complete strangers (another family passing by on the beach), and share stories of life and such, even as we all were so tired from our long days…

I can see why, now. I can see why I had such a culture shock when I entered the real world at eighteen. Β Nowhere else have I been treated with such warmth, kindness, respect and observed such inclusiveness. The main mindset is “Welcome! Don’t mind us if we get a little silly, please make yourself comfortable and join in! We are happy to have you πŸ™‚ πŸ’•”

There is no ego, no conceit and no arrogance. No underpinning insults or terse competition. No one talks about the status of their jobs in a bragging manner (even though I know they very well could), or the type of car they just bought. Β They are one of the very few groups I’ve encountered where myself and others do NOT have to have one’s guard up constantly. There is no need, no one cares about the shallow materialistic things in life at that moment. They are just there to relax and have fun.

Making people feel welcome and comfortably at ease, putting smiles on others’ faces or helping them out in one way or another… That’s just my relatives. One Christmas way back in my childhood, we invited a family friend to our holiday get together. The lady brought her boyfriend and just as always, we all said hi and got to know him and talk with him. The evening included food, beverages, kids running around, beautiful music in the background, at times soft conversation and at other, roaring laughter πŸ˜„.

To me it seemed like a usual family get together. Three days later however, we received a call from the family friend and she told us “My boyfriend could not stop talking about how much fun he had! He said he has never before in his life experienced such warmth, hospitality, kindness and fun! Your family is one of a kind and he wanted to say thank you soo much, he just couldn’t believe how nice it all was, thank you!”

I do remember seeing him laughing and enjoying himself. He looked soo happy. Β I thought nothing of it. That was normal for me with this bunch πŸ™‚ ❀️.

Whether we were at the beach or in a house or at an airport, they taught me how to “make the best of what is, right now”, to love, be grateful, be kind, give to others, do what you can to put a smile on a loved ones or a complete strangers face, and help others…❀️

It was a wonderful reminder, seeing them again, to not take certain things so seriously and to remember the more important things in life.

I’m just sending out smiles to you today and wishing you the very best!



“When I was your age!”

“When I was your age!”

Do you remember your grandma or grandpa or older relative saying this or something similar, to you? πŸ™‚



‘If they ever create a behind-your-back eye roll detector, I’m in big trouble.’ -unknown

When I was little I’d hear that often, lol, and each time I’d roll my eyes (after I got back to my room of course) :).Β  I remember thinking “Yes Grandma (or Grandpa) but this is the here and now, you know, modern times…? What does that have to do with anything, now?” Oh my gosh, I bet they are laughing from beyond now, at me, because now I understand what they meant, on sooo many levels

“By the time a man realizes his father was right, he has a son who thinks he’s wrong”Β  β™‘

These days I see kids disrespect their parents on a daily basis, at the grocery store, in the local retail stores, etc., It doesn’t even surprise me anymore to hear spoiled loud and rude kids mouthing off to their parents – and that’s the saddest part. I’m so accustomed to encountering that behavior that it has become the norm instead of the exception.

There are kids who are in their teens who haven’t worked one job to actually earn any money, and have had everything handed to them their whole lives and then have the nerve to judge and discriminate others on a daily basis. It literally makes me sick.

There are kids who don’t contribute to anything or anyone, much less reciprocate to anyone who has sacrificed and given to them and probably never will either.


I remember when I was young;
* We said please and thank you
* We helped around the house
* We cleaned and had chores
* We took care of our neighbors
* We watched adults be kind and loving and patient with each other
* We laughed, sang and partied like nobody’s business
* We gave thanks to those who gave to us
* We went out of our way to reciprocate kindness
* We respected our elders, whether we could relate to them or not πŸ™‚
* We helped our parents with daily tasks
* We talked about dreams of ‘some day…’
* We had heart-to-heart talks…
* Above all else love, kindness and RESPECT were at the forefront of #howtobe.
* Doing anything we could to make our loved ones smile was important.

In today’s world where my personal experience is encountering more conceit, arrogance, rudeness, laziness and disrespect… I am putting it mildly when I say ‘I miss the old days’. That’s actually the understatement of the millennium.


I am soo happy to say, I get to be with some of those relatives from that era of my life. Where a simple walk on the beach, a long talk (or no words needed sometimes), laughter echoing in the air because my relatives are telling genuinely funny jokes to bring people together, not tear down others, have just been spoken, the warmth of inclusiveness and openness of just relax, pull up a chair and be yourself ambience will greet us. Smiles, humor and kindness will fill the air β™‘. I get to be with them again later today β™‘β™‘β™‘! *happy dance*

My childhood was not the easiest in reality, but the good parts, the amazing and beautiful parts were because of those relatives.


Back when I was a youngin’ ;), I was blessed enough to be surrounded by love, teachers of Respect, kindness, guidance and laughter. We actually earned what we made. We were taught how to show appreciation and what it meant to “give back” and “pay it forward”.

I may sound like an old grandpa but quite frankly, if it’s a grandpa like I had, who busted his butt to earn his pay, paid his dues and succeeded through trials most would be surprised at and was pretty darn wise, then I’ll take it as a compliment β™‘!

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Today I had one of the nicest mornings than I have in such a long time. 😊 πŸ‘› πŸ‘— My wonderful friend (from where I used to work) and I had breakfast at a local favorite restaurant and caught up on what’s all new in our lives.

You know those friends who can recall an event and make you feel as though you were right there with them? Or make you laugh and heal a hurting heart in the process? Or somehow just know the right thing to say to help you feel better just in one simple supportive sentence? She is all of those above and thensome. πŸ’–

On top of that she’s smart, so creative and organized (I think she missed her calling as an event planning expert.) It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, she can calmly take hold of a situation and create beautiful experiences for people and handle all sorts of situations (and personalities πŸ˜‰ ) and leave you feeling as though you were in the best capable hands and cared for, no matter what circumstances arise.

She is a true friend and confidant (which in my experience is so rare…). I’m so grateful for her friendship and all that I learn from her. I hope some day to be as wonderful of a lady as she is πŸ’–.

Some day I’ll share this blog with her, when I have a bit more confidence in my writing ☺️. I’m getting braver each day, lol, but I still feel a bit nervous.Β Some day I’ll share it with those special people that I know should hear some of these things I’m writing about.

For now though, I’m going to keep practicing writing…and just play a song that reminds me of her…

12 Little Known Laws… Karma


Lately there have been such good posts about doing what’s right and/or healthiest for one’s body, mind and soul that I thought it had to be more than just a coincidence that I came across this article around the same time.

I personally believe that what one puts out into the universe, in one way or another, can come back to you. Maybe not the same day or even year but that it does.

I never thought of it fully like how the writer explains in this article though.

There’s always something new keeping me on my toes β™‘. πŸ™‚

Getting in the right/healthier mindset is looking more important each day…

I wish you peace of mind, happiness and a beautiful day…