12 Little Known Laws… Karma


Lately there have been such good posts about doing what’s right and/or healthiest for one’s body, mind and soul that I thought it had to be more than just a coincidence that I came across this article around the same time.

I personally believe that what one puts out into the universe, in one way or another, can come back to you. Maybe not the same day or even year but that it does.

I never thought of it fully like how the writer explains in this article though.

There’s always something new keeping me on my toes ♡. 🙂

Getting in the right/healthier mindset is looking more important each day…

I wish you peace of mind, happiness and a beautiful day…


2 thoughts on “12 Little Known Laws… Karma

  1. Some people think karma is wacko but I must say that I truly believe that what you put out, what you take in, and negativity you allow in your life has major impact in what we get out of it. I believe this because I have experienced karma time and time again! When I am ‘down’ I have a sucky day and experiences. When I choose to be happy and greatful, things go my way. When I remove myself from negativity or choose not to be a part of it, I am calm. On and on! I must be reminded that I will get back what I put in, and I want positivity, baby!

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