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I like this :), the idea of supporting each other and sharing recommended sites. I hope you add to the list too., I’d love to see who you all recommend… ūüôā

The Daddy Blitz

I‚Äôm new to blogging, but I‚Äôve been around long enough to realize¬†the difficulty in getting seen and in sifting through the mass of Blogs for content matching a¬†reader‚Äôs interests to the point of becoming a true Blog follower. So much of Blogging seems to be about the numbers‚Äďhow many people are following you and whether you follow back.

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flowers & people

no rain checks


I believe there is no such thing as physically ugly people.
Acne, scars, wrinkles, sags-they are all a part of us.¬† Yes, they might not be necessarily ‚Äúgood‚ÄĚ,¬†but they are still a natural part of us.¬† These physical ‚Äúimperfections‚ÄĚ are inevitable,¬†and we all will,¬†at one point in our life, experience them.
And why are they even called imperfections?
It is natural to have under eye circles.¬† To¬†develop wrinkles.¬† To have moles.¬† To have crooked teeth.¬† How is the way our human body functions considered ‚Äúimperfect‚ÄĚ?
And it is ridiculous for society to select one physicality, and define that alone as beautiful.  And declare that everybody should want to, and strive to, look like that.
Who would select one flower in a garden and call it the only beautiful flower?  And say that all other flowers are ugly?
All flowers are beautiful.  A tall sunflower, a barbed rose, or a tiny daisy.
No one size.  No one color.  No one shape.

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