The Heart of an INFJ


I wonder if other INFJS can relate, but people often find it hard to believe that I am a “feeler”.  Although it makes sense since our feeling function is secondary and extraverted, the 4 letters seem almost misleading as to our true nature, as I may seem like an extravert when I’m socializing, or that I’m a thinker based on my reactions.

I feel like my feelings are buried under multiple layers of cognitive functions, making it very hard to access in the moment.  When I’m in a situation, my empathetic tendencies take over and cause me to examine the atmospheric ambience first, empathizing through the other person’s perspective rather than just being in the present with my feelings.  There’s a constant inner struggle sorting out what actually belongs to me, it gets tiring sometimes.  It’s hard being a counselor to friends/family, because I am constantly putting on someone else’s…

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