*Happy Dance*!

Just got news that this will be a weekend of peace and quiet again! Woohoo! No negativity in the house, again! I’m practically doing The Carlton ♡♡♡.


Tonight we go see live music at a local place and relax with some friends and beverages :).

Tomorrow I can’t wait to cook a pampering brunch and then maybe we’ll go to the lake if it stays this warm 🙂 (it’s 40 degrees in the midwest and it feels like a heat wave, lol).

Then Sunday I hope to get started on one of my projects. Yes, I’m doing the ‘Packing Party‘. 🙂 The project that Ryan and Josh of The Minimalists talk about.

I got my boxes awhile ago, along with labels etc. etc. I just couldn’t find the motivation the last month or so. Finally, I have a whole weekend to do this. I am stoked to get my areas of the house cleaned up, organized and boxed up.

I have found out this year already that I can live with even less ‘stuff’ and still be happy, so I’m going for it, full-force and going to see how much I can really “do without”.

I have to just get this last phase, going through some of the emotional/sentimental things… 😦 and then I think a weight will be lifted off my shoulders. ♡

So here’s to a relaxing, scrumptious and productive weekend.  There are some more things that happened this week that I am hoping I get time to write about too… I just want to say thank you for reading my little blog and that I hope something (no matter how small or big) good happens for you this weekend, something that sparks a little joy… ❤

Have a beautiful day/evening <3….